Folks, no two ways about it. Seattle is having the snow storm of the decade. Now, to be fair, there isn’t much competition. Since I (John) moved here in 2001, there’s never been more than, say, a “heavy dusting.” You know, maybe 2 inches, with the tall grass poking through and passing cars ruining the view pretty quickly. (Am I imagining things, or did I write something earlier about being annoyed with cars who ruin the pristine white?)


This is no dusting. I take Sasha for a walk and there’s snow halfway up my calf with every step I take. As I write this (8:15AM local time on Wednesday the 22nd) there is still snow falling. If I had ever spent much time in snow country, this would be pretty mundane, but I have pretty clear recollections of the few times I’ve had serious snow in my life – there are pictures of my brother Ed and his friends being goofballs and wearing bathing suits, “sunning” themselves in a foot of snow in Newport News, Va, for example. Because of that, I’m pretty giddy about the whole thing. That school field behind our house is just a beautiful blanket of pristine white. Every now and then the kids go out and play in it, but there’s been so much snow that it evens out again.

Funnily enough, I had just bought a pair of heavy-duty boots. When I ordered them, a couple weeks ago, I figured I wanted them for walking in the rain and slush this winter when I take Sasha out; there are several places where we go through fields and meadows, and I’ve wrecked a pair of shoes already tromping around with her. Thank God for those boots, or I’d be hosed every time I go out with her now; nothing else I have would keep out the least bit of moisture, never mind 8 inches of snow.

The only downside is that it has been snowing for so long that we’re maybe possibly going just a little bit stir crazy. Nothing too bad, not Jack Nicholson in the Shining, just a little “I’d actually like to get something done but I can’t.” Tomorrow it should be cleared up a little bit. Certainly not gone, no way, but the roads ought to be straightened out. You know who I feel sorry for, believe it or not? Retailers. It was looking to be a tough year already, snow putting the brakes on Christmas shoppers could spell doom for small business owners around here.

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