Valentine’s Day

Lisa and I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day much; for reasons we won’t go into here, it just wasn’t a holiday that we glommed on to. In a way it was fine, since my flowers budget can go a lot further in March-January than it can around the middle of February. Still, I’d felt a small bit of frission every year as the 14th rolled around and my response to “so what are you two doing?” remained “meh, nothing.”

Last year, we happened to be in Mexico for Valentine’s Day with a contingent of her family. No one thing pushed me over, but I decided I actually wanted to mark the day, so we told everyone else there that we’d be unavailable that evening and instead we had dinner at a rooftop restaurant on the water. It wasn’t the most fabulous restaurant ever, but it was relatively quiet, and clean, and it had a wine list instead of a “what’s on top” category on the menu, and we had a good time. To top it off I’d bought (gasp!) jewelry – a silver pendant and quasi-matching earrings (which were broken, and that’s a story for another time). In any case, we had a nice time and didn’t over-do it.

So this year, Lisa was in charge; one of the many reasons I love her, she wanted her turn. ;) We stayed in, and she prepared the shmanciest meal anyone ever has for me. We had beef wellington(!) including the yummy duxselles that I’d never had before. I’m not usually a fan of pate, but this was good. She made a wonderful potato gratin and a spinach gratin that, honestly, is the first time I’ve more than just tolerated spinach as anything more than a garnish. As a capper, she swirled some of her pumpkin butter from the holidays into a chocolate bundt cake, resulting in a marbled little slice of dessert heaven.

I made a salad.

For a couple who hadn’t shown much interest in Valentine’s Day before now, that’s two really nice ones in a row. Which, of course, yields the inevitable thought: “Oh God, now it’s my turn again.” :D

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