Guns, Rock n Roll and a Wedding: Our Weekend in Ohio

Before I say anything else: we meant to take pictures, but didn’t.

Last weekend we flew to Columbus, spent the night and then drove to Cleveland. The weather was a lot like what we left in Seattle, so we were prepared, and not surprised (I confess, I’d been a bit worried about snow — silly me not having spent time in the Midwest.)

The drive was lovely and we listened to really good rock n roll radio. I miss good rock n roll radio — which may sound a bit odd since we live in what is considered to be a major rock n roll market in the US. But its all deeply cutting edge and far from commercial free up here. Or its pre-programmed. On our drive we listened to actual DJs talking about local events and stuff all the while playing fun rock n roll from the 80s — and other classics.

Classics! Yipes!  When did RnR from the 80s become classic? That was my coming of age time. *sigh*

Enough mourning.

With enjoyment, we also heard some great advertising:

“Uncle Bob’s is holding our annual firearms sale!  Come in now and buy a handgun, any model, and we’ll give you free soft case. Buy a rifle and you’ll get your choice of a hard case or gun cleaning kit! Don’t miss out and remember: Stock Up Now!!!!”

Since when did you need to stock up on guns?

We arrived in plenty of time to find our hotel and check in before the wedding at St. Domenic’s. The Renaissance is a lovely old place — wood and mirrors and chandeliers. It was also the site for that night’s Jack and Jill Cotillion. I found the sight of all those lovely ladies barely into their teens holding long bags of ballgowns absolutely charming.

A quick iron of car-rumpled clothes and off we went again. The wedding was simply lovely. Kristen was smiling with such JOY when she walked down the aisle on the arm of proud papa, and Jonathan was crying — so sweet. There was laughter and an excellent sermon from the priest. (John found the ritual much more ritualized than what he remembered from his church. He was also scandalized at the shortening of the Lord’s Prayer. I say: to each his own.)

There were a few hours between the ceremony and the reception, so we picked up a light picnic of strawberries, spinach dip, whole wheat crackers, and deviled eggs at the local market and returned to our room. It was refreshing to relax for a bit, a nice break from all the driving and being places so far.

The reception was lovely, we had a nice conversation with ‘Uncle Frank’ and sat at the cousins table. The toasts were great — full of laughter and love. The DJ was pretty good and so was the food. They had an unusual ‘favor’ gift in that they set up a candy bar with bags for guests to mix and match their own favorites. A lot of fun (although a few ladies went a little overboard.) I made up a nice bag for John (who was trapped in conversation) of jordan almonds and MnMs before they all got taken away.

Sunday morning was breakfast in bed (yay room service!)then off again to Columbus to spend the day with my friends Jeremy and Leon. We had dinner at a place called Smokey Bones (pretty good) and went to be fairly early. Monday’s 7:30am flight was delayed an hour, but there was enough off a layover that we still had plenty of time to make our connection. Sometime about then I realized we’d gotten up at 2am Pacific time and I was suffering from serious jet lag. The trip home was otherwise uneventful, except that John starting coming down with a cold, and even vitamins didn’t keep it off.

Other than John’s cold coming on, all in all it was a delightful weekend.

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