Feedback Please: Mehndi?

Now that I am seriously bald (there’s just a light shadow of hair . . . sort of a 5-o’clock thing) I’m strongly contemplating doing a mehndi tattoo.

For those of you who don’t know, mehndi is a temporary process that uses henna to stain the skin, usually in intricate patterns. It’s from India, and is a part of their celebrations, eg wedding parties will often be tattooed as part of the festivities.

It starts out black, and then flakes off to leave a dark red pattern that slowly fades. I’ve found a local practitioner who will come to my house to do it, and I’m thinking that doing it now will allow it to slowly fade as my hair regrows in mid to late May.

J. thinks I’ll be unhappy with it — that it’ll draw unusual and uncomfortable attention to myself. What do you think?

Here are some pictures so you have an idea of what I’m thinking about.

These give you an idea of how dark it looks just after completing the design:

This is what the color would be once the henna is off:

EDIT: here’s a link to the woman I’m thinking of working with:

2 thoughts on “Feedback Please: Mehndi?

  1. Cori Pudelko

    I have had it done and I LOVED it! I think it is your own statement to make and screw what anyone else would think – let them stare. This way they will think you are colorful and perhaps NOT assume you are going through chemo.

    My vote is to go for it!

  2. Lisa Post author

    Thanks!!!! That’s a great boost of positiveness.

    I’m seriously leaning towards it. Because of the chemo/potential infection schedule schedule it’ll likely not happen until about 9 more days . . . but I’ll post pics!

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