Packing? What’s that?

This was our big ‘get ahead and get going’ weekend of packing, what with being a three day weekend and all.

Instead, we’ve been playing. Sort of.

John went to play racquetball this morning (lost both games to Steve). He got home, showered, had brekkies, then we went to run some chores. Gloomy day, gray day. *sigh*

Into the bank to close an account (opened solely to get the $100 bonus), over to Kent Station for water shoes. No luck at both places. Off to the credit union to deposit monies (yay! we’re rich until the bills come due), and then to Petsmart for dog food. (How can we start a month without spending oodles of money on Sasha?)

Halfprice books beckoned and we got a couple of DVDs (including Shawshank Redepmtion — how did we end up not owning that?). Then to Sports Authority where we both scored water shoes, I got a new pair of walking shoes (the old ones were 3 years old and really not supporting me anymore), and an ‘outfit’ to wear at aqua aerobics.

Because there is no way I am wearing a bathing suit right now. I’d like to get less round, first. So I have a pair of long shorts and a sleeveless shirt to wear instead.

Then we were hungry so we went to La Hacienda for yummy lunch (chicken mole for me, steak fajitas for John). Now we’re home. John’s off swimming Sasha, then he’ll go for a massage (he had a really bad night’s sleep last night) and then to game.

Me? I’m going to get some things organized, maybe reformat my CPU, and pack a box or two. . . maybe. . .

We have plenty of time before we move. Right?

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