Ashland, June 12, 2010

Saturday I was up early (of course) so I walked down to a ‘new’ bakery on Main Street – Apple Cellar Bakery. They had delicious looking pastries, so I picked up a selection and brought them home for us all to enjoy. And enjoy we did! S. is a big fan of the chocolate croissant, and we all agreed that the blackberry walnut muffin was special. The ham and cheese croissant was perfectly savory. All were very tasty, and we repeated this breakfast again on Sunday.

By now it was after noon, so we headed out to walk the town and see the sites.

Then disaster struck!

Just down the block from Cadbury I wasn’t watching where I was going and found the place where the sidewalk ends. Unfortunately, it is not a place where the grass grows soft and white; it’s a hole. I fell down, hard. Completely messed up my ankle and (I discovered later) tore the skin right off both knees.

So I headed back to the Cottage to apply ice packs and put my foot up and they headed out for the day. J. returned in a few hours with aspirin and ace bandages. So then my ankle looked like this:


When our friends returned, we pondered dinner. I obviously wasn’t up for a long walk anywhere, and driving in Ashland is just plain silly. So we went to Pasta Piatti, which is literally right down the hill from the Cottage.

We started with the always wonderful calamari fritti. Light and tender, just the way calamari should be. I had the Antira – seared duck breast in huckleberry pan sauce with sautéed spinach and Yukon potatoes. J. had the gnocchi, S. had the gemelli, and my J. had the pomodoro. Everything was delicious, very fresh and well prepared. (Sorry for being so brief, I didn’t take pictures or notes, my ankle was really bothering me.)

They headed off to see Henry IV and I went home to rest up.

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