Nice Day

We’d planned on a productive busy-busy-busy day. Here’s how it’s gone so far.

I was up at 7:30, walking Ms. S. by 7:45. Had a bowl of cereal and then sat down at the computer to do a bit of house-related work. Woke J. up just before 9am.

We headed over to the gym in time for me to go to an aqua aerobics class — my first actual class! (The instructor didn’t show up the last time I went, and I hadn’t made it back since then.) J. played racquetball with his friend S. while I had one of the most physically demanding while feeling easy classes of my life. I actually didn’t finish the class, because I worried a bit that I might overdo it after having done so very little for so very long, so I only went 45 mins. When I got out, I could barely stand, I was so tired!

Then J. and I decided to go check out the new house. Looks good (pics posted soon!) — the floors were still covered, but the appliances, faucets, and sinks were all installed. The landscaping was complete. Even better: the whole place was painted and the sills were installed. It’s really coming together.

We were starving by then (~1pm) so we went to lunch at L Hacienda. Yummy steak fajitas for J. and super yummy chicken mole for me. We were home by 2:15pm.

J. decided to take Ms. S. for her afternoon swim, but the usual spot was covered with fisherpeople, so he had to go to the backup place, which is a lot further away.

It’s 4:15 and we’re finally starting to tackle my list of 20+ to dos. By 6pm more than half were done. So we are in good shape for tomorrow (packing the den, under the sinks, finishing my office, and a few odds n ends).

Now we’re off to a friend’s place to celebrate HIS housewarming.

Oh — and here’s the latest look for me:

I’ve got cowlicks and everything!

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