Hi there!

We’re back online. It took a bit longer than expected, but otherwise things are going great.

John’s been working long, crazy hours this last week on a project that might just make national headlines. He’s been up at 6am, at work by 8am and although home at 4pm or so . . . he’s been online working from 10pm-2am. Crazy. Today he is sleeping.

I’ve been unpacking. (Are you surprised?) So far we’ve got the living/dining area done, the garage, the library will be finished today, and the bedroom. Since we have a painter coming in to do the guest bedroom and offices, we’re not unpacking those until this weekend. (When he’ll be finished.)

Sasha likes the new place. We put her in Soos Creek for a few days while we moved and got some things done on Sunday and Monday. It was the best idea. She was nervous about all the boxes and such before we left, and a little weirded out by everything in the new place, but she’s adapted beautifully.

I’ll post some pics. For now, here’s one of our little girl that a friend took back in May and recently shared with us.

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