Unpacked . . .

. . . and nearly tidy to boot.

I promised pictures, and here they are.

First, the guest room:

Clean, calm. Just where you want to lay your head down for a nap, right?

Then, my office:

Makes you just want to come in and read in the sun for awhile, doesn’t it?

Then, John’s office:

He’s still unpacking (work hasn’t given him a lot of ‘down’ time).

Sasha likes where we’ve put her beds.

Speaking of beds, our bedroom:

Isn’t that blue restful? Between the color and the blackout shade, I swear I am sleeping better than I have in years.

This is the view into our bathroom:

sorry for the darkness, it was a bright day outside.

And this is the view from our bathroom:

Our sideboard goes beautifully outside the library, and holds ALL of our games.

Speaking of the Library . . .

We’re really happy with how well this room turned out. I mean, look at what you see from the bed . . .

and . . .

and we even have room to add more . . .

Finally, all of the China (aka ‘loot’) has a home:

Things look the same, otherwise.

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