Giving Thanks

It’s been a wild and crazy week, full of highs and lows  . . . a typical Thanksgiving, right?

First of all, we got SNOW on Monday — about 6 inches fell and closed the city uptight. Tuesday dawned cold and clear and ICY, making the day difficult. We chose not to go into to work, but the turkey had to be picked up and a few more errands run. So John chose to go out into the cold and brave the driving. He was doing great, until the car in front of him put on its brake and so he had to, too . . . and hit a patch of ice. My understanding is that he did a 360* and the pickup (formerly behind him, now facing him) hit the front passenger side. No one was injured, but the car is a wreck.

So the SUV I had reserved for the large family to trundle around in became very important . . . and Enterprise couldn’t help me. Seems that no one turned in their vehicle on Monday, so there were no SUVs available on Tuesday. And even though I’m a Plus member, and made my reservation in SEPTEMBER, I was not first on the list to get a replacement. I was supposed to pick the vehicle up at noon, and found out at 7:30am that there were non available. At 10, I called and said ‘give me anything that will fit 5 adults.’ OK, they said, we’ve got that on the lot. ‘Will you come and get me?’ We’re having trouble with that, but the roads are getting better all the time, so give us an hour and we’ll see, they told me. Ok . . . and an hour later I called. Um, no, can’t come get you yet, the roads are still too bad.

Now I’d buy this normally . . . John *did* just get into an accident after all. But the construction guys in crappy cars made it here. So I know it’s not that awful. But we were stuck. Fortunately, our friend Steve — who lives all the way across the valley — agreed to come and get me. Steve was fantastic. It was only his SECOND time driving in snow and he was nervous as heck. But he got me to the rental place and I was able to pick up my family only 30 mins after they arrived.

After that, things went great. We all had a lot of fun hanging out and talking. (A major pastime in my family.) Connor was a joy and we all had a lot of fun playing in the snow. Connor and Sasha particularly enjoyed the weather. We even ended up having a snowman on our front lawn!

We didn’t make a big deal about it,  but I know that I am truly thankful for so many things:

A beautiful home.

A loving partner to share it with.

A sweet dog to keep me playful.

A great job that keeps me interested and engaged.

Fantastic friends who make me laugh.

A wonderful family that continues to get better with the years.

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