Because you needed a laugh . . .

And if you don’t, I did.

funny dog pictures-Basement Cat, mistaking a black Lab for a Hell Hound, discovers it is difficult to subvert a mind  that is full of: "I'm a good dog."

In other news, the old house *still* hasn’t been closed on. We were supposed to close on 11/24, then 11/30 . . . we signed an extension through today.  The buyer’s lender is apparently taking its own time to get the documents to the title company. Maybe Monday?

We also still haven’t heard about the cost of repairing our car. Is it totaled or not? Don’t know.

A piece of furniture we thought would arrive Tuesday (11/30) is still floating around somewhere. A picture I put in to be framed on October 8th is still unfinished.

Lots of frustration at the delays. So the above picture is particularly delightful.

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