OMG I’m So Tired!

Buying a car is a lot harder than buying a house. At least it feels that way right now.

After doing a lot of research, test driving 1/2 dozen cars, and hours of talking (stop laughing Dad!) . . . we decided to get a used Subaru Legacy.

We got great financing from our Credit union (the awesome Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union) and ended up going with a 2010 Subaru Legacy in a dark gray color. Its got a number of bells and whistles, but John compromised on not getting his sun roof and tech toys, and I compromised by getting a larger car. So we both gave in something and ended up with a great deal. It has ~24k miles on it and is built like a rock. We think this car will last us at least 10 years.

Here’s an example pic:

Nice, huh?

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