Travel Notes

We had a fairly smooth trip from SEA through ATL to CLT . . . Seattle through Atlanta to Charlotte.

At Seatac we had a bit of (yummy) breakfast at Cathy’s Dish D’lish — highly recommended, though pricey. While we ate we people-watched. A nice thing the Port Authority chose to do was add a strong note of whimsy. There was a young man with a paper mache rocket bicycling around, a man in a tree costume wishing people a Merry Christmas! and a number of people in costume — snowman, nutcracker, and rudolf. They were silent, but cheerfully graceful in their greetings . . . and people seemed to respond quite positively. Dickens’ Carolers were also wandering the terminals, singing in their (semi) period costumes. Quite odd, but also quite nice.

I got a decaf latte at Dilletante’s Chocolates (so so) and we went to our gate (N1), only to discover the gate had changed to C16 . . . so back we went. (This is another reason to arrive early, she said to the people she knows who ‘cut it short’. <g>)

Wondering about the backscatter scanners? Not in use. Not a single one, at several security checkpoints (I saw N,D, and the central A,B,C checkpoints). I was prepared to opt out and document the search that follows, but apparently the hypocrisy of these scanners continues. (Hypocrisy? you ask. Yes — if these scanners are so vital, why is convenience dictating when they are used? Can it be because they didn’t want to deal with the hassle? If so, then the MAIN POINT of opting out has been made. Next stop: eliminating or curtailing their use — or at LEAST providing the option of using the already effective and in use metal scanners we all are accustomed to using. Yes, I know, I am passionate about this. I’ve *had* cancer, thank you very much, increasing the level of radiation I am exposed to while at the same time creating an essentially nude image of me is NOT a situation I will be encouraging. And if the alternative is to be ‘felt up’ I am horrified at the lack of sensibility being demonstrated by Homeland Security.)

Our flight was fine, Alaska’s leg room (even in the 14th row) was pretty good. Even John didn’t feel like he was overly cramped. We rented an inMotion device and watched The Green Zone, a powerful movie that tells a compelling story. In Atlanta we returned the device and then John went for a ChicFilet and I went to have . . . a massage. I had to wait 15 minutes for a chair, but they put me in a massage machine lounger while I waited, so I was very happy. (VERY.) Abigail was my masseuse and she was WONDERFUL. I highly recommend a stop over at Xpress Spa (in concourse A) for a relaxing interlude guaranteed to fight the effects of airline travel.

Once on the road from Charlotte, we went about 30 miles up the road to a mall at Concord Mills and had dinner at the Texas Land Company Steakhouse. Good food, reasonably priced, and just what we needed to fuel up for the drive. We arrived in Durham ~1am, local time, and checked into the Marriott Downtown and were asleep by 2am.

Now we’re waiting on a call from Ed (who is at the dentist) so we can go have  . . . lunch I guess.

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