South of the Border

After a good night’s sleep at the Durham Marriott Convention center, we met up with John’s brother, Ed at the Wellspring Cafe in the local Whole Foods Market. It was a story-telling two hours, with lots of reminiscing and a bit of recent news to catch up on. For me, it’s fascinating to see the two brothers together, how much alike (and unalike) they are. I wonder if John feels the same when Corynne and I are together?

After a great couple of hours, we got back in the car and headed . . . south (and a bit west, I think). The hesitation is because it took me a long time to get oriented and to realize we’d done a very big loop up from Charlotte and now down to Sumter.

Along the way, we started seeing billboards for a place called “South of the Border” featuring Pedro and his mangled ‘eeenglish’ telling us all about the places’ attractions. They include: luxury suites, fireworks, a reptile lagoon, a restaurant, and more!

Since we could see the sombrero tower from several miles away (and needed a gas break) we stopped in. Here are the fruits of our visit . . .

yes, it *is* a giant sombrero on top of an ‘observation tower.’

there’s a Great White Shark inside!

the giant spark plug was just a bonus.

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