Yeah, we’re stuck. Looks like Delta cancelled our flight (at 1am) and rebooked us on a 6am flight — 5+ hours EARLIER than we were scheduled to go. Not cool.

Now we can’t get through to a human, are on hold for ‘wait times as long as an hour’ (at least we can get through — we couldn’t yesterday) to see if we can get any flight out of this area. From what we can see, we can get out of Atlanta, but don’t actually *have* a flight to get on. (4:50am PT)

More later . . .

Later: We’re now booked on a flight out of Charlotte on USairways. Maybe. The ticket numbers I was given by the Delta agent aren’t showing up in the USair system (online). I’ve now been on hold for almost 45 mins waiting to talk to a human to *make sure* we have seats. (6:15amPT)

More later. . .

We’re back in Sumter. After spending more than an hour on hold with USAirways, we finally got through . . . and were told our flight is NOT today, but tomorrow! (Good thing we checked.) There were still seats available on today’s flight (according to the website) but US could not help me, only Delta could make that change . . . and Delta was no longer accepting calls. (No, really. They have a phone message that says ‘due to the heavy weather conditions we are unable to take your call. please try again later.”)

So, having lost all confidence that we  even have a reservation, we drove into Columbia and went to the airport, hoping that talking to a live person would bring us good luck.

Moderately, it did. We are on a direct flight tomorrow at 6:10pm from Charlotte.

Sasha will spend another day at the kennel, we’ll turn our car in a day later, we’re back at John’s parent’s house (luckily they like us!), and we’ll try again tomorrow. (11:30 am PT)

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