After all of the sturm und drang, our trip home was basically uneventful. No problems on the roads, dropped off the car (and got a $50 discount, somehow). We were there ~2pm (for a 6pm flight).

Checked our bag and took a walk around Charlotte Douglas Airport.  There we discovered Terminal Spa — and each had a 30 minute chair massage  . . . heaven!

A bite to eat (not so great that I am going to mention it) and then we boarded. Took off on time and arrived a bit early. Our bag came off the belt within 5 minutes and we walked right out to a taxi.

Turns out the driver is the nephew of the Yellow Cab driver who lives in the house at the entrance to our development. Small world! We were in our home — HOME! — ~10pm.

Turned the heat on (it was 47* in the house . . . brrrrr) and I was in bed to sleep by 10:30. We had a wonderful time, but there is no place like home.

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