West Palm Beach, June 2011

Our silly travel season has begun . . . first up was a 5 day trip to West Palm Beach, Florida.

It was very exciting for me, because I just had to have a new item in my life  . . . .

Flippers! Well, snorkeling gear in general, actually. Years ago, but since I moved to the PNW, I owned a complete set of snorkeling gear: mask, snorkel, fins. But it went away somewhere, in one of my many moves. I love to snorkel, but haven’t done much since being with John, he isn’t much of a beach guy. But he promised he’d try it this time.

And I figure I go just enough to justify not spending the resort rental fees. More on this later . . .

We had an easy-peasey trip cross-country, and a nice layover in Charlotte. In WPB, we stayed at The Breakers — a huge old-fashioned style hotel with a strong NorthEast feel. Its a real family place with lots of kid and family centered activities. But at the same time, there is a very luxurious feel. It was like what Vegas is trying to achieve, only its real, not fake. For example: the bathroom mirror was electronic — it had a 10″ TV screen built into the lower left hand corner. (WOW.) Not that we used it. I actually really liked the fact that there was a DVD/VHS player attached to the TV.

The bed was great — but they only has squishy pillows. I hate that — what do people who sleep on their sides do for support?

The food was definitely a cut above hotel food, and they have agreements with a couple of upscale local restaurants so that the hotel shuttle runs between them regularly. A plus in the heat!

Here are some pics:

The hall to the conference area


John’s booth was mere steps from the sea.

The first day, I slept a bit past when John had to leave for the conference center. Then I went to an aquafit class. It was a lot of fun, and set the tone for the day. It was all the sun I had that day, for example. The next day I went snorkeling for an hour at the hotel’s underwater reef.  It was no Cozumel, but there was a lot more fish than I expected, and the water was pretty clear. The following day I took an exercise break and just lazed around a bit, reading a lot. The last day John didn’t have to work, so he and I went snorkeling together.

He had a lot of fun! Got a bit pinker than we expected (even with 30 spf), but really enjoyed the calmness of it. he even says he’ll do it again!

So, we actually got a bit of vacation time together, extra sleep, and calm reading in the sun time.


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  1. Lorena

    Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. Never tried snorkeling, but I love the idea of being able to swim and see what’s under the water.

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