Drumroll Please . . . . .

Presenting for your admiration :-) . . .




They were cautious kitties at first, but Roland was soon purring like mad and playing with me.  Kit is a bit mor reserved. Sasha is *fascinated* by what is behind the closed door. She barked a couple of times, but has learned that we don’t allow that. So now she lies down with her nose right at the door sill and tries to sniff out what’s happening.

We showed everyone to each other yesterday afternoon. Roland was curious. Kit hissed and got puffy in my arms. We tried it again this morning with Sasha lying down and everyone was very calm; the cats were far more interested in what was behind Sasha — more rooms to explore.


  1. Ah, cute pics, and I’m really pleased to hear that everyone is getting along well so far. That final line cracked me up!

  2. Sorry Lorena, akismet ate your comment, which is weird because I don’t see any of the usual warning signs in it. Ah well…

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