Something Special for the Honeymoon

My darling love just figured out that the Garden of Cosmic Speculation will be open for its annual one-day-a-year-open-to-the-public-for-charity while we’ll be in Ireland for our honeymoon. Our honeymoon is now a split Ireland / Scotland trip.

Double bonus – it’s about an hour away from a portion of Hadrian’s Wall, which I’ve also wanted to see for decades.

Man, getting married is totally going to be worth it. (heh.)

Lisa’s addition: John’s birthday dinner wil be at Three Chimmneys, followed by a night at the House Over-By in the Isle of Skye. This place is listed as one of 500 Places for food & wine lovers, and definitely counts as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

An already special event (our honeymoon) is now fabulous!

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