We’re OK, but Chilly

We’re ok. The ice was very bad on Wednesday — we weren’t going anywhere, and were happy to stay in and work from home.

(photos under the cut)

But a tree came down (pics later) and took out the power lines to our neighborhood ~noon on Thursday. We’d had the heat up a little higher than usual, which was good because it took longer to drop. J. cleaned his office, I read a book. No worries. When darkness came, we lit lots of candles in the bedroom and everyone came in and hung out in one room. It was rustic, and charming, and even kind of fun.

This morning I was up at ~6am, still dark, and the room was COLD. The house was down to ~53*, and felt a lot colder than that. Still difficult to get around outside, but Sasha and I managed to give her a bit of a walk. It was definitely warmer today — the icicles were already melting. By the time we decided to go to work (~9am), it was getting slushy.

So now we’re debating — go to a friends’ place for the night? Stay in and try to keep warm again?

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