An ordinary week (plus good news)

It was a pretty quiet week for us.

We discovered an absolutely delicious — and easy! — butternut squash and risotto recipe. It’s baked, which is where the easy comes in, and comes together beautifully. I wish I’d taken a picture, but we were serving it to company, and that felt a bit awkward.

John made a delicious chicken and rice casserole for sharing at game on Tuesday night. It made a huge amount, so we’ve been eating a lot of it this week, by itself and in my favorite mode for leftovers: wraps. (Everything tastes good wrapped in a tortilla and heated in a dry skillet.)

We got some good news at work. A very large project appeared, and we just found out yesterday evening (yes, Saturday night) that we have been awarded the contract. It’s not finalized, yet, but seems as if it will take our entire company into full time work for the next 18 months. I can’t say more right now, but it is a fascinating case, one that has nothing to do with environmental issues. We’d be using our other skill set(s) of transforming abstract data into hard values.

We are headed down to San Francisco this coming week. We’re seeing a play with my mother on Tuesday night, and of course sharing a feast with family and friends on Thursday. On Friday we’ll see my sister Jamila and her new baby!  We’re looking forward to the time away, and our 2nd experience in an AirBnB rental. (It’s right around the corner from Corynne’s house — nice!)

Until next week: Happy Thanksgiving!

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