It’s Been a Long Time (Pictures!)

I’m sure you’ve nearly given up on us, but we’re not dead — we just got seriously busy.

This is mostly a post of pictures because I’m home nursing a bit of a cold.

Since Leo came into our lives it seems like everything kicked into high gear (not that he had anything to do with it of course, he was just a piece of the change that came along all at once it seems). He’s turning into a sweet young man (as opposed to our little boys) who enjoys long walks and has a strong sense of the mischievous. We had to come down a bit hard on him over the Autumn as he was getting too aggressive with the cats, but he seems to be pretty much over that now (much to our happiness).

His one real phobia is cameras — hates them. So getting pictures is very difficult. Here are a few photos I managed to capture before and during the holidays:

He is a very happy dog now, very calm, and seems to have settled into the understanding that this is truly his home. Which it is. We are very happy with all of our rescues.

In other news, our work has been busy, busy, busy! We capped off the year with a move of our offices from one floor to another. It was a holiday for most of the company, including John, but a very long week of work for me. In the end, however, I’ve been rewarded with a lovely office.

I’m not one to brag, but I’ve moved up in the world.

my new office view

my new office view

I hope you had a happy holiday, and that all is well in your world. We’ll try to keep our posts more regular. Or something.



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