(Sad) Travel Day!

(April 24, 2014)

We woke up this morning to a strong sense of ‘this vacation is over.’ Three weeks is a long lovely time, but now we’re just into the muck of it: getting home. Today we’ll go from Venice to Rome airport; tomorrow is the actual flight.


At the station my darling husband abandoned me at a cafe so that he could run over to the postale to mail our last batch of postcards. Fortunately, the couple sitting next to us, Celia and Charles, turned out to be a lovely couple from Enumclaw. We chatted about the ‘hawks, traveling, and found we had many similarities in common. They were just starting their trip of Venice, Florence, and Rome — basically our in reverse. They’ve been to Italy several times already (lucky ducks!) and we had a great time sharing stories.

The train ride was uneventful, always a good thing. We’d brought some provisions with us, so lunch was a bit of a picnic of parma ham, cheese, bread w/ raisins, and leftover pizza.

As promised, the Rome Airport Hilton is attached to the airport, and about a 20 min walk from the train station. Aside from the fact that our room was cleaned with some kind of ‘fresh scent’ product that was pretty overwhelming, it’s a lovely room. A real king bed, and a real bath/shower combo. (We really missed a good bathroom. Which is ridiculous, I know.)

We were hungry, so we popped downstairs for dinner: a shared ham & cheese plate; pappardelle with shrimp and mushrooms for me, beef ravioli in a bacon onion sauce for J. Both very good. The prices were typical hotel-surcharge, but not outrageous, and the portions were large. After that,we retired to our room and watched Dr. Who until bedtime.

Our last night in Italy.

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