The Wonder of Nature, Part 1 (aka Suburban DINK amazed that plants grow, also water wet)

Lisa and I did some significant alterations to the front yard last fall. It was actually an incredibly tense negotiation at times. I won’t bore you with the long version, which went on for literally months. The short version is I like grass and she likes non-grass plants. So, like any good couple, or England in 1937, I offered up a portion of territory in hopes of compromise…

… we will ignore for now that Lisa becomes Hitler in this analogy. Sometimes I am not good at this…

Anyway, we carved out 4 feet or so. I ripped up the grass (actually another really long story, but in the end I got ‘er done), laid out some ornamental stone, and then planted the shit out of our new gardens. The digression that cannot be skipped, though, is the tremendous, mountainous work that Lisa did to get the garden mapped out. She worked incredibly hard to figure out what plants are good for our region, would look good, will (hopefully) flower throughout the year, look good next to each other, and probably a half-dozen other criteria that I was too callous to ask about. The garden mapped out, the seeds/bulbs/baby plants ordered, I got out the tape measure (you heard me), laid out the plants to Lisa’s specifications, and waited.

And waited.

Well, as you may have heard Seattle experienced a crazy-warm late winter, and the growing season has already begun. To that end, we’re taking pictures as things come in and thought we’d share them. I’d hatch some baby chicks to go along with it but the cats would probably eat them.

DSC_0020DSC_0012Here’s the rose bush against the house, a couple of days apart. The sprouts around the roses are a random scattering of bulbs. Them coming up is one of the best testaments of “nature finding a way,” because we did nothing in particular to ensure their survival. And yet, there they are.






DSC_0018This is the main garden bed (the roses above  are up against the house, to the left of the garage). The lilac tree on the left has hung in for a couple of years now, so we’re feeling pretty good that it’s going to take. The various green you see at the front was mostly not there a week ago. I know it’s not much to look at now – the idea of this is to look back at it in the weeks to come.






The clematis. We planted this as a weird homage to my parents a few years ago, but also because it looks beautiful. Pay attention – this only looks like a sprout. In a couple weeks the house will be covered in it.







DSC_0017And of course, “my” tree. I’ve invested a lot of time in this sucker. The developers put one in everybody’s yard. Some people are house-proud, but I’m tree-proud; it’s the one place I’m competitive with other people’s yards. I want mine to be the tallest, healthiest, most well-rooted tree on the block. For no good reason, of course, I just do. :p








Anyway, this is the baseline post, I’ll be putting up updates every few days as there are new things to see and admire. Stay tuned!


1 thought on “The Wonder of Nature, Part 1 (aka Suburban DINK amazed that plants grow, also water wet)

  1. Kathleen

    Looking forward to updates as the seasons progress. I have some “the garden just planted” pictures–dirt and small sprouts–but I have later ones too, and things do grow.
    thanks for the heads up.

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