Normandy 2015, Day Five

(May 6, 2015)

This was a long day, full of emotion.

We ran late in the morning and hoped we could find breakfast on our way to meet our guide from Bayeux Shuttle Tours. We barely made it, but were saved by J. having to park at the train station, where we would pick him up on the way out of town. Our guide was Lena, and she was great.

We started at the German Cemetery. The entrance, see picture, is deliberately designed to be only wide enough for one . . . because we all depart this world alone.

The entrance into the German Cemetary

The entrance into the German Cemetary

Many Germans were buried in pairs, or even groups. A significant number are unidentified. The average age was 23.


‘Then on to Utah Beach.

memorial at Utah Beach

memorial at Utah Beach

And Omaha Beach.

Two flags at Omaha Beach

Two flags at Omaha Beach

We had a lovely baguette-based lunch in a private home and then went on to the American Cemetery.

“Spirit of American Youth Rising from the Waves"

“Spirit of American Youth Rising from the Waves”


It was astounding and amazing and glorious and sad.

Dinner was in Bayeaux, at La Grande Manger. They specialized in cider (pretty good) and crepes (also pretty good). We were pretty wiped out, and glad of an easy meal, and a quick ride home to go to bed.

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