France 2015, Day Seven

(May 8, 2015)

We started the day with a lovely breakfast in our hotel — lots of croissants, meat, cheese, toast, yogurt, hot drinks (chocolate, cafe,tea), cereal,  and fresh-squeezed oj for 11 euro.

Then we went to Versailles.

Our Paris apartment is tres joile! (et grand!)

I’m going to be a bit of a downer here, but I wasn’t all that impressed. Now, factor in the huge numbers of crowds and how much I hate that, becuase that was definitely a problem. But even with that, I just wasn’t impressed. For some reason the fountains were turned off, and that didnt hep the grounds, which were basically just lots of fountains and hedges. Few flowers, nothing wild. Meh. (She shrugs.)

grounds at Versailles

grounds at Versailles

I did love the dragon fountain.

Dragon fountain at Versailles

Dragon fountain at Versailles

Lunch at Angelina’s however, was fabulous. Best quiche I’ve ever had, with a lovely salad alongside. The tea was tasty, and the desserts were . . . amazing. I don’t often take pictures at a meal, not wanting to be one of ‘those people’, but  I couldn’t resist. Look for yourself!



Our Paris apartment is tres joile! (et grand!) There is a huge living room with a dining table big enough for six to one side. A full kitchen, two bedrooms and baths (one with a lovely bathtub!), and a washer and dryer. The ceilings are high, the floors hardwood . . . it is just lovely.  (Here’s the AirBnB listing: “Chic & cosy Paris 6 appartment“)

Brasserie Balzar

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