Paris 2015, Day Ten

We all slept in a bit today, we didn’t have to be anywhere until noon, and we took advantage of that.

We walked from our place to the Eiffel Tower, but that wasn’t actually our destination.

We were on our way to Bateaux Parisienne’s lunch tour of the Seine. This was our 2nd time doing this tour, we’d had so much fun we convinced our friends to try it as well. We spent a little extra (75 eu/pp) for window seats and had a lovely lunch. After Kir Royals all around, we were served pate, soup, asparagus, and a vegetable salad to get us started (we each had one item). For my main, I chose a filet of beef with crispy roast potatoes (as did J.) our friends had veal with roast carrots and a roast chicken with asparagus. A cheese course followed, and then dessert: strawberry tarts for two, a Passion fruit and Pineapple compote, and a trio of sorbets. Water accompanied the meal, as did two bottles of wine. We took a ton of pictures, and had a wonderful 2 hours cruising the Seine.


bridge detail_1

bridge detail_1

bridge detail_2

bridge detail_2

How to park a car in Paris

How to park a car in Paris


From there we took the Batobus (16 eu) to Notre Dame. Its an expensive ticket, but meant to last all day for this hop on, hop off water taxi. The ride took a little longer than we expected, but we weren’t up to walking that far.

Norte Dame (which we missed the first time we were here) was glorious. That’s all I can say. Simply glorious.


The incredible vaulted ceiling of Norte Dame

The incredible vaulted ceiling of Notre Dame

The 'rose window' of Notre Dame

The ‘rose window’ of Notre Dame

Walking took us home again, and we all hung out for a bit. Then went out to dinner in our neighborhood — cheeseburgers at Café L’Atelier! This place is much more like a bar that serves food than a restaurant. Happy hour from 6-9pm, where drinks are 6.50 eu and beer is 6eu. Lots of outdoor seating. Good burgers, too . . . but make sure you ask them to cook them “Medium” or the center will be too rare to consume. (ugh). Nice fries. If you love the idea of a thick milk shake, don’t get it here. It’s rich and delicious, but is just chocolate syrup and Chantilly crème (whipped crème) blended together. It was also tres cheap: 61 eu for the entire meal (4 drinks, 2 waters, three burgers and a pizza).

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