DC — we’ll have to return

I’m proud (!) to say that we’ve done no sightseeing in DC. Instead, I’ve been sleeping like mad: 13 hours the first night, 11 the second, and 9 last night. I probably would have slept more, but dinner made for a late night and we didn’t sleep in as much this morning.

Dinner was at 1789 restaurant. Located in a Federal style building converted into a series of dining rooms decorated with antiques. It’s a very ‘east coast’ place. The building isn’t actually from 1789, the name came from history; but that doesn’t seem to matter.

They seemed to enjoy our enjoyment, and the service was perfect. I had a cosmo before the meal, as we perused the  menu; and a glass of sauternes with my melon salad:

The fresh burrata with the pressed melon were perfectly offset by the slightly pickled honeydew. Very refreshing and redolent of summer. John went basic, with an utterly excellent burrata:

My main was a pork tenderloin and pork belly dish that was rich and yet not too heavy. A ‘side’ of foraged mushrooms and garlic scape provided a foil to the richness of the belly. An excellent Malbec further enhanced the dish.

I wasn’t going to have a dessert, just a glass of port, but J. made sure I had a candle to make a wish on, as they brought me a ‘nuttella’ dessert: thin chocolate slabs held nuttella mouse protectively, while a quennelle of nutella ice cream nestled alongside. Outrageous and lovely.

A lovely beginning to my next 50!

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