Ostia Antica

(Sept 6th)

We were up fairly early (so hard!!!) to make our 8:30am meeting at the Pyramide metro station to go with our Context Tour guide, Janet to see Ostia Antica.

Ostia Antica is amazing, just a 20 min train ride from the city and a loooooooong day of walking. Of course we brought 50spf sunscreen, but it was still too much for me just before the end. This is a HUGE archaeological site, the ancient site of Rome’s harbor city. The shoreline has shifted over the centuries, so its now about 3km from the beach, but still right alongside the Tiber.



Of particular interest are the different levels of siting — Imperial and Republic. There are apartment buildings

and mosaics

and I especially loved the Mithraeum. A truly fabulous and valuable visit, especially with a tour guide.

We went home and had a nap, then – still on an earlier schedule- we went to a place in the neighborhood. Mamma Venerina was a great place for a starter of melon and prosciutto, followed by mains of shrimp and corn pizza (me) and carbonara (J.) Replete, we returned home for a drink and reading on the terrace until sleep.

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