Pivoting on Our Plans

All the time we were describing our itinerary through Italy we were careful to say that we were deliberately leaving room to make changes. What’s the saying? Be careful what you wish for?

Yesterday we had a great visit at the Tarot Garden (y’all saw those crazy pics) and then went on to our final Italy destination — a thermal spring spa.

But when we arrived I (to put it bluntly) freaked. I was unprepared for the serious sulfur smell (my bad), the heated pool was fine, but not a pool-pool, our room was TINY, and the people were . . . how to put this? . . . Wishing they were Wealthy and playing at being Beautiful. SO NOT OUR SPACE. I sat on the bed and just kind of dissolved into a puddle of ‘this is a suckey way to spend our last days, I made a Huge Mistake, eff eff eff!”

And he hung in there, through his own disappointment and upsetness, through my whinging, and just kind of held on to reality in his own sturdy way.

(I don’t lose my sh*t very often, but its really messy when I do.)

So I finally had a shower and we walked the grounds and talked . . . and decided to ditch that place in the morning and go back to Rome. (One addition: its turned very autumn-y here, so the nights are chilly. All the pools are outdoors, and I literally haven’t had a swim this whole time. So my fantasy of a swim has been unfulfilled.)

I took a flyer on an apt a bit further north than we’ve stayed before (by a neighborhood) and we went to dinner.

Our place is FANTASTIC. We made exactly the right decision. And while it was a team effort, super props to John for hanging in there and helping me find my way to making a big change.

Just saying.

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