Quiet Day

NOTE: My camera’s memory card glitched and we basically have no pictures from our trip until we hit Athens. I may try and find images online, just so you have a sense of what we saw/ are talking about. (And will credit if I do.) But keep that in mind as you read these next posts.

We slept until after 11am, and I just couldn’t face another day in the car, so this turned into a quiet day. Mostly, I caught up on my travel blog posts :-) and we both read.

Our host had stocked our ‘fridge with fruit, so we snacked on that through the afternoon, and made a conscious decision to have an early dinner since we needed to be up and out fairly early the next morning. Although I’d done a lot of research about places to eat prior to getting here, I wasn’t completely in agreement with what I’d found, so I looked again.

We ended up at Oinoa Wine restaurant (no website), about 5 minutes walk from our place. It was a perfect choice in so many ways. Since we were so early (6:30pm) we were able to snag a table (there were none available by 7pm) without a reservation and we happily began to peruse the menu. After a bit of consultation with our server, we chose to start by sharing the salad with gravieta and prosciutto, then the grilled vegetable bruschetta. For our mains I had the beef tenderloin and J. had the sea bass. J. tried ‘green cola’ for his drink, and I asked the server to choose wines for me. It was PERFECT. The salad had bits of walnut and tiny cherries mixed in and the combination of flavors made for a bright combination of sweet, salty, and earthy all at once. The vegetables were grilled perfectly, creating a silky texture that contrasted beautifully with the grilled bread. My beef was supremely tender and flavorful and J’s fish was divine. My wines complemented the food exquisitely. The one I want to tell you about was the red: A blend that was most similar to a ‘super Tuscan’ in its flavor profile. But instead of $80, it was more like $18. And Cretan. SO GOOD.

We then walked home, and J. went out for gelato. Truly a perfect way to end our sojourn in Chania.

(Sep 10)

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