Accessing Akrotiri And Angst!

I wasn’t feeling well, so I decided to stay at our place and rest up (read, write, try to nap). It was quite windy, and a little overcast, but pleasant to sit on our deck and just enjoy being.

NOTE: My camera’s memory card glitched and we basically have no pictures from our trip until we hit Athens. I may try and find images online, just so you have a sense of what we saw/ are talking about. (And will credit if I do.) But keep that in mind as you read these next posts.

J. took the bus to Akrotiri, a fairly inexpensive (1.8eu) and easy matter of taking a bus into Fira, and then down to Akrotiri. The bus was air conditioned and he had a comfy seat, it was quite pleasant.

Akrotiri, he tells me, is magnificent and amazing. It’s an active site, so they’ve covered it to preserve the future findings. Apparently they’ve only uncovered 3%, so this is a site well worth visiting in the future. They need money to continue, and in the meantime they are doing a superlative job of making finds available at the Prehistoric Museum in Fira.

Just as he was leaving, about 2pm, he received a text message informing us that our ferry was cancelled due to the high winds!!!!

He headed to the Blue Star Ferry office to find out what to do about re-booking, and I commenced contacting our car and hotel in Naxos to change our reservation, and then our current place to see about staying another night. No problem in Naxos, not our fault, they’d make the change. Our host said they’d look, but when several hours passed with no reply, I made the decision to try and book a new place.

And found a GEM. Called White Orchid (, this villa is actually best for a family or two couples. Its huge and airy and has an infinity pool. It was about $100 more than our current place, and just five minutes away. Tippity-tippity and I reserved it. Good thing, too, as our current place was not available for us (as we were told several hours later).

Neither of us freaked out — what can you do about weather?

J. spent a lot of time at the ferry office, and ultimately couldn’t make any changes because he didn’t have the physical tickets. That was a bummer, but he was philosophical about it and just came home.

A quick shower and change and out we went for dinner. Didn’t go far, back to Rosemary Restaurant. Again we had the androgynous Iris as our server and were kept company by the black cat.

We started with the green salad (so good!) and an appetizer of small cheese balls made of four different local cheeses over a thick pesto sauce. Delicious. For my main I had steamed mussels in white wine and onion and J. had a tagliatelle with grilled vegetables in a light cream sauce. My wine was an 2010 vintage — Chateau Porto Carras — a red blend. Superb.


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