Fira and the Ferry

A move day, instead of travel. Up we got and had a lovely breakfast at Agaze. J. had pancakes and scrambled eggs; I had the omelette with yogurt & fruit. It was my first time having real Greek yogurt and I have to say that what they produce in the US is NOTHING like what I had. It’s like Devon Cream it’s so thick and rich. I could eat it every day.

Back to our place and the inevitable negotiation of the time between the check out (noon) and check in (3pm). Fortuitously, our new host (Fay) was willing to meet us nearby and take our luggage to our new place for us. Problem solved!

While waiting for her, the wind was blowing so hard that J. was being pushed over. My (very expensive) sunglasses were snatched off my face and into the busy road. I watched as they skipped amongst the traffic to the other side and then down a street. Quickly — but safely — I followed, expecting to see a crunched pile. No! They were totally ok, blown up against a line of parked cars over to one side. Not even a scratch. Believe me, I offered up a heartfelt thank you to the local deity.

Then we headed (by bus) into Fira to swap our ferry tickets.

The line was about 20 deep, but moved quickly. Clearly the agency had called everyone in to help out and all station/desks were peopled. We chatted with several people around us, everyone sharing information about what we did, and didn’t know. When the time came, swapping our tickets was easy. And it turns out that our ferry, one of the big Blue Star type was the most likely to make it out. So we went ahead, hoped for the best, and re-booked for the next day.

Did you know that Thera is the same as Fira?

A note here: Google in Greece is drunk. It must be drinking the raki. We asked it for the Archeological Museum and it led us up and into the ‘shopping’ area (nothing but souvenir shops selling variations of the same things, jewelry stores — nice, but no — and restaurants) and then up almost to the cable car . . . to a sleepy little museum. A little bemused we wandered in, paid our 2eu and then discovered that it was literally two rooms and an exhibition of one man’s excavation. *sigh*

Back down to where we started and this time Google led us to the backside of a very closed looking building. Several of us tourists started walking around and finally found the entrance, which Google had led us right by.

The Thera Prehistoric Museum is great. Not very big, I hope it can be expanded as the uncover more of Akrotiri. Because the pieces they do have are lovely.

Where on earth did they find blue monkeys?

Also, I saw more Amazons and griffins on pottery. I think that’s evidence they existed. Right?

By then it was late afternoon and we took the bus back to Pyrgos. Right off the square was Kounani and we popped in for lunch. Zucchini croquettes and a shred meat platter with fried potatoes, tzatziki, pita bread, and grilled vegetables made for a delicious end to our out-of-room day. Off to our new place, I hopped into the pool and then right back out again — it was COLD! Still windy, too.

So we settled in for a night of reading, listening to music, and hanging out.

Have I mentioned that we haven’t watched TV once since arriving here? Even if our place had a unit, we haven’t been interested in consuming media. Just not worth it.


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