Where the Borghese Slept


Continuing our new habit, we slept until after 10am then leisurely prepared for a day out. Lunch was at Il Brillo Parlante, another restaurant specializing in traditional Roman favorites. For me that meant all the fried food: suppli (a rice ball with mozzarella cheese in breadcrumbs), arancino Siciliano (a Sicilian version of suppli), and Filetti di Baccala (fried cod); J. had the Stringozzo (fresh pasta with meat ragu).

I didn’t take a picture, but here’s one from the internet.

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Enforced Quiet Day


We’d had a problem with our debit card the day before, but neither of us paid attention . . . BAD IDEA. You see, taxis in Rome don’t take credit cards. The metro is pretty cheap, but still requires moolah to make it work, and we didn’t have enough to make it to our meeting point for today’s tour. Bank after bank machine turned us down and we were running out of time. . . . and then we missed the tour by 5 minutes.


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