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Yes, I know its a year+ later.

This is the photo we are now displaying in our house as the wedding picture. Thought y’all might enjoy it, too.









and. . . one year later:



I find myself with a few free minutes as I wait for laundry to be done so we can pack.

So I decided to post some pics from the weekend.


Today is the first day I’ve opened my monthly calendar and all of the wedding things are on the same page.


We’re very excited. Can’t wait to see everyone!


Part of my plans for the wedding include re-purposing my original dress. The skirt is something like 4 yards of material, perfect for a simple dress, which is all I want nowadays. I thought I’d look good in a sapphire blue.

So, obviously, I needed to find a dyer (and a seamstress, but that was pretty easy) which is somewhat esoteric, but not outrageous. Right?