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Ashland, June 12, 2010

Saturday I was up early (of course) so I walked down to a ‘new’ bakery on Main Street – Apple Cellar Bakery. They had delicious looking pastries, so I picked up a selection and brought them home for us all to enjoy. And enjoy we did! S. is a big fan of the chocolate croissant, and we all agreed that the blackberry walnut muffin was special. The ham and cheese croissant was perfectly savory. All were very tasty, and we repeated this breakfast again on Sunday.

By now it was after noon, so we headed out to walk the town and see the sites.

Then disaster struck!

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Ashland, June 11, 2010

In the interests of time, we decided to fly to Ashland instead of drive. So Sasha went into the kennel and we went to the airport. There is a direct flight from Seattle to Medford twice a day (other flights go through Portland), and it is a quick trip. We don’t need a car once we’re in Ashland, so we planned on taking the bus from Medford to Ashland, but missed it by a few minutes, and it only runs once an hour. So we took a taxi ($40).

We stayed with friends, J. & S., at a lovely rental home, Cadbury Cottage. This is a 3 bedroom, 2 ba place just up the hill and over a few short blocks from OSF and right above the main part of town. It was an ideal location.

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Heaven in a Bowl: Lisa’s Winter Stew

A few weeks ago, I’d asked J. to pick up a mix of root veggies so we could have them with various upcoming meals. He got a couple of sweet potatoes, garnet yams, russet potatoes, yukon golds (about 1 lb) and a couple of butternut squash. The law of cooking being what it is in my household, we ate one butternut and just haven’t gotten to the rest.

(Yeah, I know “just haven’t gotten to it” is a very lame excuse. It’s only redeeming value is that it is also true.)

Yesterday morning I quickly glanced through our pantry and fridge to make sure we weren’t going to have a lot of rotting things greeting us when we return from SF. (Virgo, aka A/R, alert: We’re not leaving till Sunday, so this meant I could use up stuff over the course of 4-5 meals.) The sight of all that lovely starch made me very sad and I resolved to do my best to do something with all of it before we left.

At first I was tempted to just cook it and mash it, because $5 dinners did it. But then I realized I wasn’t sure how well it would freeze. So when I ran to the (fantabulous) Metro Market for lunch, I tried to think of something to make. A row of fresh-pressed apple cider caught my eye, and I decided to cook a pork roast with cider and use the sweet potatoes and yams (don’t you know its a fundamental precept of the universe that pork+cider+sweet potato = YUM? It is. Unless you’re a vegetarian.)

A quick chat with the lovely meat lady, and I was handed 4 pounds of pork shoulder. “Do you have anything smaller?” I asked, “it’s just my partner and I.” No problem, she just cut it in half. I added that cider to my basket and went home. (Lunch, if you must know, was lox, bagel, smoked gouda, and an apple.)

Once home I started looking for a recipe, but ended up combining two. One was a Pork & Pumpkin Stew (from Gourmet magazine, October 1991) and the other my old favorite Winter Squash and Chicken Stew with Indian Spices.

My recipe is this:

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