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The Seahawkalypse

Hi there – been a long time, I know. God Bless Lisa, she asked me when we put this site up if I was going to participate or if I was going to leave her hanging. Well, I told her “A” and have been doing “B” for months and apparently she still loves me. Part of my particular brain damage is I feel like I owe a post on X subject and since I haven’t written it I get that guilty, late-for-work feeling and then it snowballs and blah blah blah . . . anyway, here are a few posts I’m just going to wave bye-bye to:

* Terry and I had a racquetball rematch. He won again, and I pulled a hammy, but I just can’t find the energy to make it funny this time.

* We went to Sumter for Christmas. We had a really great time, but it’s not like we took safari photos. It was a pretty quiet week chatting with my folks and soaking in small-ish town life (although Sumter isn’t that small anymore).

* Anybody who’s seen me in the last, oh, decade, knows I could stand to lose… ah, let’s call it a metric fuck-ton and leave it at that. I will not discuss diet or exercise again, but early signs are that I am, in fact, actually taking it seriously this time. Check back in October.

So what am I going to talk about? Well, after the Seahawks beat the heavily-favored New Orleans Saints a couple weeks ago, my mom thought “I should call John and see if got to watch the game.” Unfortunately I couldn’t take the call, because I did watch the game. I was there. Continue reading