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An Exciting Couple of Weeks

(Not everyone has heard the news, so I apologize if I repeat soemthing you already know about . . .)

First off: John is doing great. He successfully switched from Percoset to ordinary OTC Tylenol on Tuesday and is doing well. Yesterday he went into work for a 1/2 day and last night he played cards with a friend for several hours, which is more sitting than he’s done in about a week.

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Quick Update on Lisa

My office moved last weekend, I was in charge, so it was a long couple of weeks for me. I took some time off this week to make it up. While I did, my new computer arrived. It’s FAST. And QUIET. Playing games is extra fun now. :-)

On the ‘down’ side, I had a root canal on Thursday. My first.

(‘squick’ warning under the cut)

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