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Catching up on this ‘n’ that

Back in early March, J. and I went down to Marina del Rey –the Venice Beach area of Los Angeles — for another working vacation. He’d be working, I’d be taking another (much needed) vacation, complete with personal training, long walks to the beach and along the beach, and some spa time. It was our anniversary (eight years!) and we thought we’d do something a little special.

That was the plan.
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I forgot to mention

that I was also scheduled for an MRI yesterday.

It didn’t go so well.

The MRI went badly — I couldn’t finish it. I’d forgotten that they would have to inject me with a dye (for the contrast) and that makes a 15 min process more like 30. Mentally I could deal with that, but then my shoulder started to cramp up and I had waves of pain. . . I was working the relaxation imagery and calm breathing …like nobody’s business, all to no avail.

Moreover, the machine was unable to ‘find’ a series of images and they had to be redone, so my 15 mins of initial images turned into 30. I could NOT stand it anymore and I pulled the plug on the entire event.

But I still have to do it. I’m wondering if taking a muscle relaxant will help?

In other news, the class was fine. I’m sure you’ll be surprised that I was singled out as a leader (“But you’re so articulate!”) and have form/joined a study group.

Nice Day

We’d planned on a productive busy-busy-busy day. Here’s how it’s gone so far.

I was up at 7:30, walking Ms. S. by 7:45. Had a bowl of cereal and then sat down at the computer to do a bit of house-related work. Woke J. up just before 9am.

We headed over to the gym in time for me to go to an aqua aerobics class — my first actual class! (The instructor didn’t show up the last time I went, and I hadn’t made it back since then.) J. played racquetball with his friend S. while I had one of the most physically demanding while feeling easy classes of my life. I actually didn’t finish the class, because I worried a bit that I might overdo it after having done so very little for so very long, so I only went 45 mins. When I got out, I could barely stand, I was so tired!

Then J. and I decided to go check out the new house. Looks good (pics posted soon!) — the floors were still covered, but the appliances, faucets, and sinks were all installed. The landscaping was complete. Even better: the whole place was painted and the sills were installed. It’s really coming together.

We were starving by then (~1pm) so we went to lunch at L Hacienda. Yummy steak fajitas for J. and super yummy chicken mole for me. We were home by 2:15pm.

J. decided to take Ms. S. for her afternoon swim, but the usual spot was covered with fisherpeople, so he had to go to the backup place, which is a lot further away.

It’s 4:15 and we’re finally starting to tackle my list of 20+ to dos. By 6pm more than half were done. So we are in good shape for tomorrow (packing the den, under the sinks, finishing my office, and a few odds n ends).

Now we’re off to a friend’s place to celebrate HIS housewarming.

Oh — and here’s the latest look for me:

I’ve got cowlicks and everything!