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Today Dr, Oliver Sacks died.

I hope you know who he is, although it means you will share my sorrow to some degree. If not, then I can say with certainty that you have a wonderful treat in store for you: he was a magnificent storyteller and chronicler of the mysterious, glorious landscape we call the human mind.


Some of you have heard J and I talking about doing something very similar to this.—why-these-retirees-traded-their-home-for-life-around-the-world-151114656.html

Just thought you might like to know that we aren’t crazy.


On Wednesday afternoon my grandmother (mother’s mother) died. She has been dwindling for more than a month now, so it wasn’t unexpected, just (as death always is) a surprise. My mother was there, singing songs to her (Angel Band, apparently) and was able to witness the moment. It was quiet and peaceful.