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Sasha loves the snow

She just grabs her medicine ball and runs like crazy.
Love you Daddy!



We didn’t take nearly enough photos of Sasha as a puppy, but this one has to be from the first day or two. If you look close you can see she’s wearing a pink collar. Two things.

1. Our dog is not a pink dog, girl or no girl thankyouverymuch.

2. Our dog doesn’t wear a collar except when she has to.

So yeah, this must be from riiiiiiight when we brought her home. What a puddin’.


…with a dose of happy dog.



2010 has been a crap of a year so far. Actually, my 42nd year has pretty much sucked. The proof is that I was told I have breast cancer about a week after my 42nd birthday.

It just hasn’t stopped.

We went to Ashland this last weekend, rented a house with friends; saw some plays, ate yummy food, drank yummy wine, and had excellent conversations. I also fell down, hard, and am currently nursing a sprained ankle OR a broken bone in my foot. (I’ll know the x-ray results tomorrow.)

Sasha is going to see a neurologist next week so we can find out (hopefully) what is wrong with her.

On top of all of that is the really sad news: my grandmother is dying. Its my father’s mother and although it isn’t entirely unexpected, it is still a surprise. She is in a skilled nursing unit, and being seen by hospice services. She is mostly very comfortable, but unaware of her surroundings. She will not recover, her death is inevitable, and I’m very sad.

So, I’m ok; it’s just still a bit of a unsettled life ’round here.


It’s Monday, 5 days post chemo, and so far things are going remarkably similar to how they went the first time ’round. Saturday evening I started getting the achy bones, so I went on Dilaudid right away. Today, no painkiller needed, but I’m quite tired.

I was able to do a bunch of reading for work. Tomorrow I expect I’ll be able to write and get some projects taken care of for the office.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of the main girl from about 2 years ago (April 2008).