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Advanced Puppy!

The week before last Sasha completed her Advanced Dog Training class. As John says. she now has her barklaureate. (HE said it, don’t give me that dirty look.) Because we think she’s cute, here she, wearing her graduation hat:

Yes, she always looks that forlorn when having her graduation picture taken. I think she just doesn’t like proof of how silly she looks in that hat.

Making Progress

Sasha went for her ‘graduation’ from the Intermediate Class this last Sunday (April 19) but we ran into problems almost immediately. For one thing, she refused to sit. Now, ‘sit’ is a command she’s obeyed since the first week she came home with us. It’s an integral part of a multitude of combination commands we give her all the time. She sits. But not Sunday. Thinking my presence was a distraction, I wandered away (looked at the cats for adoption). Nope, that wasn’t it either. So we got to talking . . . seems that with Sasha’s new swimming regime, and frisbee playing it was very likely that she pulled a muscle or somesuch and it literally *hurt* to sit.

Well! That wouldn’t do.

So we’re re-scheduled for tomorrow (the 23rd).

Sasha the Destroyer

(Pictures will have to come later, and they’ll be of the damage, not the full effect).

This last week we were visited by the demon puppy, Sasha the Destroyer.

On Tuesday, after a long weekend with me (John was in Ashland for a business trip) I went to work. When I returned home 10 hours later, it was to discover that I’d injudiciously left a box of kleenex within reach of Herself. Imagine a fine layer of tissue spread all throughout the living room. But that wasn’t all. Apparently one edge of the rug had been flipped up in her destructive frenzy, and she had chewed through the backing on the rug — not the rug itself, but the backing.

It was a mess.

I was very angry. And Deeply Disappointed.

She needed to go outside to do her business.

Wednesday was worse. John had arrived in the middle of the night and we both left for work. When we returned (it was a short day) it was to discover that she BEEN BACK at that rug, and now there was a 18″-diameter piece eaten out of it.


Back to the books — what are we doing wrong?

It seems that we need to go back to training and really get into a specific kind of morning walk, one that calms her down. No more playing (chuckit) to tired her out — that only ‘revs’ her up mentally, leading to trouble. We’re back to that now, and we’ll see how it works out. The alternative is to remodel (sort of) the downstairs guest/craft/workout room so that she can be put in there all day.