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We were busy last week.

The front of the house used to look like this:

a bit boring, yes?

a bit boring, yes?








Now it looks like this:

much prettier, yes?

much prettier, yes?








Exciting, huh? It’s going to look amazing in a year or so when the phlox and candy tuft has filled out a bit, and the lavender (back row) has really rooted itself in.

But the back yard is truly amazing — we got rid of our fence!

How it used to look:

Hi, I'm a big fence, and a steep drop off

Hi, I’m a big fence, and a steep drop off



and now:

Ta da!

Ta da!








Such a difference!

The dirt has been seeded with ‘shade=friendly’ grass. We’re looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!



And if you don’t, I did.

funny dog pictures-Basement Cat, mistaking a black Lab for a Hell Hound, discovers it is difficult to subvert a mind  that is full of: "I'm a good dog."

In other news, the old house *still* hasn’t been closed on. We were supposed to close on 11/24, then 11/30 . . . we signed an extension through today.  The buyer’s lender is apparently taking its own time to get the documents to the title company. Maybe Monday?

We also still haven’t heard about the cost of repairing our car. Is it totaled or not? Don’t know.

A piece of furniture we thought would arrive Tuesday (11/30) is still floating around somewhere. A picture I put in to be framed on October 8th is still unfinished.

Lots of frustration at the delays. So the above picture is particularly delightful.


. . . and nearly tidy to boot.

I promised pictures, and here they are.

First, the guest room:

Clean, calm. Just where you want to lay your head down for a nap, right?

Then, my office:

Makes you just want to come in and read in the sun for awhile, doesn’t it?

Then, John’s office:

He’s still unpacking (work hasn’t given him a lot of ‘down’ time).

Sasha likes where we’ve put her beds.

Speaking of beds, our bedroom:

Isn’t that blue restful? Between the color and the blackout shade, I swear I am sleeping better than I have in years.

This is the view into our bathroom:

sorry for the darkness, it was a bright day outside.

And this is the view from our bathroom:

Our sideboard goes beautifully outside the library, and holds ALL of our games.

Speaking of the Library . . .

We’re really happy with how well this room turned out. I mean, look at what you see from the bed . . .

and . . .

and we even have room to add more . . .

Finally, all of the China (aka ‘loot’) has a home:

Things look the same, otherwise.


The move went well, if long. I theoretically took the week afterwards off from work, but the reality was that I still ended up working almost every day, which made for long, busier-than-I-wanted days and a very tired me.

We had a few mishaps: the ‘swedish’ daybed didn’t fit – by ½”! – into the library, one bookshelf (one of the newest ones!) completely disintegrated, the china cabinet didn’t look ‘right’ where we originally placed it. John was shuttling art, electronics, and plants back and forth, and we frequently missed one another between the houses. But we worked everything out (John bought a saw and took an inch off the legs, we decided to buy a replacement, and we had the movers move the cabinet to an alternate location, where it did look right).

Here are the promised pics:

The library (did we mention that we painted it before the move with the same color that was in our old living room?)

Yeah, it’s not so bad in the living room. . . looks almost normal.

The kitchen is bad. We just discovered that the new place has only 2/3 the cabinet space of the old place. I’m daunted by the idea of putting it all away.

The bedroom was also pretty easy to put away. Recognize the curtains? They were in the living room of the old place during the winter.

So now we’re in, and settled. Sasha seems to be ok with it and has picked out where she wants her beds to be.


We’re back online. It took a bit longer than expected, but otherwise things are going great.

John’s been working long, crazy hours this last week on a project that might just make national headlines. He’s been up at 6am, at work by 8am and although home at 4pm or so . . . he’s been online working from 10pm-2am. Crazy. Today he is sleeping.

I’ve been unpacking. (Are you surprised?) So far we’ve got the living/dining area done, the garage, the library will be finished today, and the bedroom. Since we have a painter coming in to do the guest bedroom and offices, we’re not unpacking those until this weekend. (When he’ll be finished.)

Sasha likes the new place. We put her in Soos Creek for a few days while we moved and got some things done on Sunday and Monday. It was the best idea. She was nervous about all the boxes and such before we left, and a little weirded out by everything in the new place, but she’s adapted beautifully.

I’ll post some pics. For now, here’s one of our little girl that a friend took back in May and recently shared with us.