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My computer is being held hostage

Check your computer’s security. Are your firewalls and anti-virus programs up to date? This is coming from a sad, sad place. You see, I am infected with the cryptowall virus. (Go ahead and google it. Yeah, it’s bad.)

All of my data files have been RSA encrypted and the original files deleted. They are being ‘held’ for ransom. It’s going to be a very long weekend of attempting to restore my data, and I know already that it won’t be perfect.

At the least I will lose a month’s worth of email.

So, make sure you are safe when you play on the internet.

*clears throat*

Y’all will know what this may be referring to in terms of our life for the last 18 months.

The other morning . . .

. . .. I was up in the middle of the night for a few hours.

We had a really big, loud, lightning-filled storm, and although everyone in the house (including our guest) was fine with it . . .  it runs out that Leo isn’t. He had the shivers, poor baby, and was just plain frightened. So I invited him up onto the bed, which was a sure-fire calmer for Sasha back in the day.

Turns out, it isn’t for Leo. (I suspect he doesn’t understand we’re his pack now, and he can take his social cues from us.) So I found myself at 1am with a lot of light and noise outside, and a loudly panting, quivering dog next to me.

So I got up and went to my computer and worked for awhile.

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