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Fira and the Ferry

A move day, instead of travel. Up we got and had a lovely breakfast at Agaze. J. had pancakes and scrambled eggs; I had the omelette with yogurt & fruit. It was my first time having real Greek yogurt and I have to say that what they produce in the US is NOTHING like what I had. It’s like Devon Cream it’s so thick and rich. I could eat it every day.

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Seductive Santorini

NOTE: My camera’s memory card glitched and we basically have no pictures from our trip until we hit Athens. I may try and find images online, just so you have a sense of what we saw/ are talking about. (And will credit if I do.) But keep that in mind as you read these next posts.

We were so grateful our place was so close to the port, it meant we could sleep until 6 and not rush for our 8am ferry departure. Having booked our tickets in advance, we walked right up to the kiosk and got our tickets in just a few minutes, even better we got our tickets to Naxos as well.

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