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One of J’s holiday gifts was a book I made for him. Called Pup Culture, it is a collection of photos of the animals we encountered in our trips over the years. I’m rather pleased at my skills — both in taking the pictures, and editing the collection.

You might enjoy it as well, so here is a .pdf file of Pup Culture. The file is large, so give it time.


(May 19, 2015)

We woke up to a mix of clouds and deep blue sky on our last day of travel. Over a lovely breakfast in our hotel we talked about the day and agreed that we’d do our best, but if it’s pouring, we’d bail on our plans. So we packed up, checked out and headed to the Chedworth Roman Villa.

a drawing of how the Villa might have looked

a drawing of how the Villa might have looked


(May 18, 2015)

We left Swallow Barn early in the day, after a lovely breakfast of toast, jam, and berries — just the right way to get us started.


(May 17, 2015)

Today was a rest day at Swallow Barn.

main entrance into Swallow Barn

main entrance into Swallow Barn


(May 16, 2015)

We slept in a bit, feeling tired from all of the running around we’d been doing, and then had breakfast from our kitchen. The eggs were gorgeous with their deep yellow, almost orange coloring, and the juice refreshingly pure.