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Ashland, June 11, 2010

In the interests of time, we decided to fly to Ashland instead of drive. So Sasha went into the kennel and we went to the airport. There is a direct flight from Seattle to Medford twice a day (other flights go through Portland), and it is a quick trip. We don’t need a car once we’re in Ashland, so we planned on taking the bus from Medford to Ashland, but missed it by a few minutes, and it only runs once an hour. So we took a taxi ($40).

We stayed with friends, J. & S., at a lovely rental home, Cadbury Cottage. This is a 3 bedroom, 2 ba place just up the hill and over a few short blocks from OSF and right above the main part of town. It was an ideal location.

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John Catches Up

Heigh ho, Kermit the Frog here…

Anyway. Lisa’s been doing the heavy lifting on the posting lately, but I’m on an airplane with limited options soooo… yeah. When last I checked in, I had been suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Terrence Mc Sherry. Actually it was a racquetball, but what the hell. The end of that story is that we played again a couple days later, once my concussion symptoms had abated, and he beat me soundly until my youthful stamina and vigor managed to outlast him – I stole our last game. Seriously, once he got over the difference in rackets and balls from his squash playing, he was a great player. (And if you think I haven’t heard about the fact that I haven’t updated since that day, well… dream on.)

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Guns, Rock n Roll and a Wedding: Our Weekend in Ohio

Before I say anything else: we meant to take pictures, but didn’t.

Last weekend we flew to Columbus, spent the night and then drove to Cleveland. The weather was a lot like what we left in Seattle, so we were prepared, and not surprised (I confess, I’d been a bit worried about snow — silly me not having spent time in the Midwest.)

The drive was lovely and we listened to really good rock n roll radio. I miss good rock n roll radio — which may sound a bit odd since we live in what is considered to be a major rock n roll market in the US. But its all deeply cutting edge and far from commercial free up here. Or its pre-programmed. On our drive we listened to actual DJs talking about local events and stuff all the while playing fun rock n roll from the 80s — and other classics.

Classics! Yipes!  When did RnR from the 80s become classic? That was my coming of age time. *sigh*

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Day 5: A Quiet Farewell

Because we were meeting Gretchen at 9:00am in front of the Rodin Museum, we asked for a wake up call for 8am. To our horror, the phone rang at 9am – there was no way we were going to make it in time if we were going to shower and dress fancy for lunch. Friends are more important than food, so we canceled our lunch reservation and got with the moving. We were out the door and into a taxi and in front of the museum at 9:30, no later. And no Gretchen! It would have been weird for her to have left, even if we had made her wait for 30 mins in the cold. But when it was 9:45 and still no sign of her, we went in.

As with everything else, the work was amazing. But we’d barely got started when Gretchen arrived! It seems she’d missed her train and it was an hour until the next one. Yay! We wandered through the incredible talent that was Auguste Rodin, and admired his work. It was fun meeting her and sharing stories of the trip. Afterwards, we wandered over to Les Invalides, where Napoleon is buried. I was feeling a bit peaked, so they went on in without me and I just people watched for awhile.

We bid a farewell to Gretchen and meandered our way back to the hotel room. Both of us were tired and we just couldn’t cope with seeing any more sights, or eating any more elaborate meals. We were ready to go home.

J stopped by a boulangerie and for about $20 got us croissants, quiche, sandwiches, and hot drinks. So we had a nice picnic together. At that point we realized we hadn’t had a chance to mail our postcards and we didn’t have stamps. J had an adventure buying stamps from the Tabac – which is sort of like a neighborhood mini-mart (with no food). For dinner we ordered in again, this time it was pasta and hot sandwiches with salads. J stopped by Café Soufflot and picked up a bottle of wine for me, so it was a lovely picnic for us both. Very relaxing, and a nice way to end the trip.