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Highlighting Art, or Indulging an Ego?


We left our lovely B&B and headed west-ish into the heart of Tuscany and the Val d’Orcia, an area so beautiful it is a UNESCO World Heritage Center. This is the area most people imagine when they think of Tuscany — square houses with thick pale peach and pink walls, terracotta tile roofs, and driveways lined with dark green, oblong trees.

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The Skinny Rules

(These are originally from┬áBob Harper, Oprah’s weight loss and fitness ‘guy’. Now, whatever you may think about Oprah (and she is a conflicting personality), the woman has literally made a career out of her journey into health. I think Harper is the most realistic of her gurus and his list is sensible.)

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Making Positive Changes

Making positive changes requires a shift in perspective as well as positive reinforcement. Setting yourself up to succeed can take multiple pathways. One way is to journal support for your self. Take a little time to go through the following exercise. I think it will make the process of your change easier on many levels.

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