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*clears throat*

Y’all will know what this may be referring to in terms of our life for the last 18 months.

John Casker, World Traveler (An occasional series)

…wherein our hero tells you what a difference a year makes.

Baby's First Trade Show

In February of 2010, a look at my work calendar would have revealed a weekly meeting with a company executive (whose exact title is cause for internecine war, so I’ll leave it be), the monthly staff meeting, and not much else. I’d meet with the owner of the company on an ad hoc basis, and otherwise go about my business; that business being the reading of gigantic amounts of news stories and press releases looking for situations where my company might find work. In June of 2010, said company owner spoke in Atlanta at a conference concerning the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. On a lark, we put together a few banners and a fancy new brochure and I went along to exhibit trade-show style.


That seemed to go pretty well; I met a lot of attorneys who do work that we’d be useful in, and also ran into attorneys that we already sort of knew. Turns out this second thing is really important, because short-term memory is apparently being bred out of humanity so we need to be reminded of the existence of others on a regular basis. In any case, going to that one little conference led to me going to a great big conference in Vancouver, B.C. in July. At that conference, I met a bunch of other lawyers, and came up with a gigantic business idea, and generated some actual business… you may see where this is going. I went to a couple more conferences in 2010, and they all followed the same pattern: meet a few attorneys, refresh the memory of a few other attorneys, bring in some business for the firm.

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