City of the Dead


Amazingly, yesterday’s flooding left no marks – it was as if the deluge never happened. We woke up at our usual late morning time, finished the leftovers as a quick breakfast and then made our way to the local rental car office. Within an hour we were on the road to Cerveteri, a 3000-year-old necropolis or city of the dead.

About 3000 years ago people built a city here, and it stretched all the way to the sea, 17km away. They had three sea ports and traded in iron, making them a very powerful group for a very long time.

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When it Rained, It Flooded


Rain in Italy was very different from how it is at home. In Seattle the rain mostly comes as a steady drizzle or shower. The ‘hard’ rain is just a very steady downpour with a very occasional thunderstorm. It’s pretty mild generally speaking. Italian rain is RAIN. Big, loud, and completely soaking in a matter of minutes. Why am I writing about it like that? Because it rained on our last day in Rome. So hard that the streets flooded after about an hour and we ended up walking in water up to my calf.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Where the Borghese Slept


Continuing our new habit, we slept until after 10am then leisurely prepared for a day out. Lunch was at Il Brillo Parlante, another restaurant specializing in traditional Roman favorites. For me that meant all the fried food: suppli (a rice ball with mozzarella cheese in breadcrumbs), arancino Siciliano (a Sicilian version of suppli), and Filetti di Baccala (fried cod); J. had the Stringozzo (fresh pasta with meat ragu).

I didn’t take a picture, but here’s one from the internet.

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