John’s First NFL Game

Not a huge update, just wanted to share that I went to a professional football game for the first time yesterday, with my new friend Steve “Nazi Kittens” (see the post below). He had a spare ticket for the Seahawks – Eagles game, and I figured what the hell?

First of all, we took the train from Kent and it went perfectly. You sit in comfortable seats for about a half-hour and it drops you off right at the stadium. Even if my public transit pass hadn’t covered the $7.00 round trip fare, the parking would’ve been more expensive than that, never mind the traffic, gas, and general convenience. Our seats were nose-bleedy, in fact the absolutely last row in a corner of one end zone, but the view was still really good; the only thing off-putting was the particular angle we had made it hard to tell how good a kick was, but that’s pretty minor.

Stadium prices, by the way, are every bit as outrageous as you may have heard. I hadn’t eaten in awhile, so I had a slice of pizza and a soda. Goodbye, $10.75. Thank God I don’t drink, beer is $7.75 a bottle, and apparently that’s down from a high of $9.00 last year. Yewoch. The really amazing thing is how many people get absolutely plastered at the game. Who can afford $64.50 on a six-pack??

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A Game Night Recap

(Just to give y’all an idea of what we do for fun. Written by John, posted by Lisa.)

I recently met a new couple that I really like, and they live incredibly close to me. It so happens that another couple with whom my partner and I have been friendly also live close by, and we’ve all said to each other at different times that we should hang out more than we do. So, what the hell, I introduced them to each other and suggested that we all get together. In the back of some of the involved minds is a similar thought: “D&D Group!” But that’s not something you just jump into, so we’re getting started with simpler games first. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve had to host a gathering where a bag of dice wasn’t all I needed to entertain; how’d it go?

I knew everyone involved was a game-player to one degree or another, so at least I had some hints. It also was not a dinner party, so food was simple enough. I peeled and cut some carrots, opened up some great Dorito-like chips for Trader Joe’s, got out some pretzels, and chilled some wine and soda. Simple enough. Now to pick games, and here’s where I made my only serious mistake. The game I led off with was Twitch, a Richard Garfield game that’s sort of a mix between Uno and War (or Egyptian Rat Fuck, or any other speed-based card game you can think of). The thing is, while the rules are fundamentally simple, it’s a difficult game to be any good at right off the bat, leading to a lot of frustration for all but the savviest game players. I wasn’t even that good at it, as it’s a game I’ve admired but almost never had a chance to play. We gave it a few minutes, I took stock of the grimaces and frowns, and pulled it off the table.

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Back from Sumter

Lisa and I just got back from Sumter, SC, where we helped celebrate my parents’ 50th Anniversary. I think it says something that I saw this event as inevitable and so many others see it as extraordinary, but I don’t know what, exactly, is being said. In any case, my folks seemed pleased with what their kids cooked up for them, so we can chalk this one up in the “success” column.

We put Sasha into Soos Creek Kennel on Thursday night. This was not a perfunctory event – no, there was gnashing of teeth and rending of garb for both of us as we pondered the options. It turns out, we’re doting parents. Who’da thunk? I even floated the idea of taking her with us, but Lisa wisely pointed out that two round-trip flights, with layovers, was far more stress than Sasha would experience hanging out in her run for 4-ish days. So, into the kennel she went, along with her squidgy, he medicine ball, a bone, and one of her Chuck-It balls. We shall return to this point later.

The humans got going at 0-dark-thirty the next morning, settling in to our 6:30AM departure from SeaTac. The day of traveling was without incident, including our 3-hour layover in Chicago and the ~3-hour drive from Charlotte to Sumter, SC. It turned out that Lisa even knew where to get quality food in O’Hare and, coincidence of coincidences, our gate was 2 down from it! For the record, we got paninis at Tapenade, and they were nummy. We got to Sumter by about 10:00PM local time. Linda and her family were already there, so Lisa got to meet the last of my sibs (she and Ed met a couple years ago when we last visited the homestead). Hawkeye and Johnny were very sweet, taking to Lisa immediately. For that matter, so did Dave and Linda, but I guess I trusted the adults to recognize my genius in selecting a mate. :p

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